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Eating and drinking

If you have problems with eating and drinking, for example coughing while eating or drinking or taking a long time to eat and drink, our speech pathologists can assess your chewing and swallowing skills and make recommendations such as:

  • Changes to food or drink consistency.
  • Swallowing strategies to help you feel safe and in control.
  • The safest position for mealtimes.
  • Modified eating and drinking equipment such as cups, straws, plates and cutlery.

Our dietitians can provide you with personalised recommendations to help you to optimise your nutritional wellbeing. We can help if you:

  • Have trouble eating and drinking enough to maintain your weight.
  • Have weight gain that affects your mobility, your use of equipment, your general health and your daily life.
  • Experience bowel problems that affect your quality of life such as constipation or diarrhoea related to your diet.
  • Require a specialised diet.

Our dietitians are also experienced in the support of people who receive nutrition and fluids through a tube (known as a PEG tube). We undertake assessment and provide ongoing support to reduce the impact of having a feeding tube on daily life.

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