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ASSIST Therapy Services speech pathology


ASSIST Therapy Services speech pathologists can help adults to improve their functional communication skills in the areas of speech, language, voice and cognitive communication.

ASSIST Therapy Services speech pathologists can help if you have difficulty with your speech, understanding and use of language, voice, or cognition by:

  • providing speech, language, voice or cognitive communication therapy and strategies to help you develop more functional communication skills
  • recommending alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) to help your understanding (for example, the use of visual supports, signing or symbol boards), and/or expression (for example, use of a communication book, board or speech generating device to express your message)
  • educating you and your communication partners in strategies that help make communication more successful
  • recommending how to modify your communication environment to increase opportunities for choice and control, and ensure your message is heard.


We all need to have a safe and effective swallow to maintain our everyday health. If you have problems with:

  • coughing or gagging frequently, watery eyes, becoming pale and sweaty, becoming 'gurgly' or showing other signs of distress during or after mealtimes
  • chewing adequately
  • getting tired during mealtimes or take a long time to eating/drink
  • managing your saliva or you experience frequent chest infections

then an ASSIST Therapy Services speech pathologist may be able to help.

We can assess your chewing and swallowing skills and make some suggestions around:

  • changes to food and fluids textures,
  • swallowing strategies to maximise your safety and comfort,
  • your positioning for mealtimes,
  • your mealtime equipment (including specialised cups, straws, cutlery or plates).

We can also provide you, your family or other support people with education on safe swallowing.

Working with other professionals

Your ASSIST Therapy Services speech pathologists can work with:

  • dietitians for support around swallowing and nutrition.
  • physiotherapists and occupational therapists for positioning and independence with eating and drinking
  • psychologists and occupational therapists for support around complex communication needs, and associated behaviour and sensory issues
  • occupational therapists around communication technology
  • dietitians to provide education packages for care agency staff around mealtime management.

More information


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