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Department of Human Services

Access Worker

The role of Access Worker involves

Interviewing customers who are seeking advice on the housing option that’s right for them.

Assessing and calculating your customer’s eligibility for a bond guarantee or rent in advance.

Interviewing customers who are in need of public housing and assessing their Housing Needs category.

Identifying when a client or their children are at risk and connecting them to appropriate support services in the community.

Reporting indications of child abuse and/or neglect to the Child Abuse Report Line.

Assessing requests for and sourcing emergency accommodation for people who are homeless and/or experiencing domestic violence and in crisis.

“Offering more social assessment, deeper social assessment, so you’re not just looking what people are presenting with on the surface level, you’re actually going a bit deeper…”

Access Workers

Are empathetic

You will deal specifically with people experiencing significant issues in multiple areas of their lives, so you’ll need to be patient and non-judgemental in your approach.

Work as a member of a team

You will frequently share your knowledge and experience with other members of your team, and will work with them to provide the best possible service to Housing SA customers.

Advocate for Customers

External support services are often in high demand. You need to advocate for your customers when networking and negotiating with other internal and external service professionals.

Use professional judgement

You will need to use your knowledge of the housing and homelessness system to make judgement calls, often when working with people in crisis.

Are culturally competent

You will work with a diverse range of customers. You will need to be able to work respectfully and competently with customers who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and people from a wide range of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

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