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Department of Human Services

Housing Officer

The Housing Officer role involves

Visiting tenants in their homes and using the visit as an opportunity to engage with them.

Talking with tenants about their general wellbeing and that of any children, establishing any supports and services they are connected with and ensuring their homes are safe to live in.

Involving tenants in discussions about their tenancy and lease options, explaining Housing SA policies, discussing their concerns and giving them information about available support services  .

Liaising with other workers – discussing referrals and good practice, and raising any concerns or issues.

Visiting tenants within set timeframes when responding to complaints, identifying what supports the tenant has and working with both parties to resolve the issue before it escalates.  

“There’s a lot of collaboration and communication between the Housing Officer and the Tenancy Practitioner which is consistent and positive, a lot of support options in place that weren’t there before...”

Housing Officers

Are empathetic and respectful

You will make decisions that have a real impact on tenants, many of whom experience significant issues in multiple areas of their lives. You will need to consider each case with sensitivity, patience and respect.

Are resilient

Visiting tenants can be challenging when they do not wish to engage or there are difficult circumstances. You will need to employ self-care strategies in order to look after your own health and wellbeing.

Are observant

Sometimes tenants may not wish to disclose information to you, so having good observational skills allows you to take notice of things that may reflect their wellbeing and signal the need for early intervention.

Are effective communicators

A lot of your work with tenants depends on your ability to build rapport and trust. This involves helping them understand how Housing SA and other services can help them. It is also important to share information and work with other agencies.

Are lateral thinkers

The ability to think laterally will help you to find appropriate solutions for tenants and to tailor your approach based on their strengths and weaknesses.

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