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Tenancy Practitioner

The role of a Tenancy Practitioner involves

Visiting the client in their home and establishing a rapport with them.

Helping the client recognise both their personal strengths as well as areas of their life that could be improved, and identifying current barriers to change.

Collaborating with the client to set and work toward goals by referring them to other support services and helping them learn practical life skills.  

“The feedback I’ve had from clients has been invaluable. It makes me want to keep working when it gets a bit tough.” Tenancy Practitioner

Tenancy Practitioners

Are empathetic

You will deal with people experiencing significant issues in multiple areas of their lives, so you’ll need to be patient and non-judgemental in your approach.

Are resilient

You will need to be able to manage difficult situations, persevere with people who may be difficult to engage with, be assertive, and employ personal self-care strategies to maintain your own wellbeing.

Are lateral thinkers

Solving complex problems requires innovative thinking. You will need to use your social and observational skills to pick up on issues not readily disclosed by your clients, develop creative solutions, and work to their strengths.

Are good communicators

Tenancy Practitioners are part of a broader range of services for tenants. You will need to network with other service professionals (both internally and externally).

Are culturally competent

You will work with a diverse range of customers. You will need to be able to work respectfully and competently with customers who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and people from a wide range of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

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