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Bachelor of Arts (Politics) with Honours

I was interested in getting into the Graduate Program ... as I believed it to be a good fit with my studies which focused on anti-discrimination, structural disadvantage and, in particular, Aboriginal disadvantage. I was interested in working in a place that followed a more compassionate way of doing business.

After completing my studies I applied for the Graduate Program but wasn’t successful in the first round of offers. I was successful the following year largely, I believe, due to the change in Housing SA’s organisational priorities from the asset focus to a more holistic, person-centred model. The areas I studied in my degree seemed to line up a lot more with what the organisation was looking for.

I was involved in designing and implementing the New Service Delivery Model…I was placed in the Practice Development Team and half way through my Graduate year, my Manager moved on and I was provided with the opportunity to take on a large amount of her work, stuff I could really get my teeth into. This was largely around the Risk and Vulnerability Framework, which encompassed the new positions, tools, processes, and generally, everything to get a needs-based, person-centred model up and running. I also had opportunities to develop and deliver training packages, meet staff and travel to other regional offices. Although I was still a Graduate, I was doing a lot more than what I had expected. Visiting regional offices and seeing the implementation of the new model was a highlight for me, particularly after all the work that went into it.

I recommend Graduates spend time in a regional office… Service delivery is the core business. You’ll find the work a lot easier and a lot more rewarding if you know that core business. After my Graduate year I was extended in the Practice Development Team for six months. I applied for a Housing Officer job at Modbury and won that. Three months into that role, I won a Tenancy Practitioner job at Berri, where I am a Team Leader, Place Management in the Northern Adelaide region. I would certainly advise Graduates to get across both the business in regional offices as well as more strategic project work. Put your hand up for as much as you possibly can. Don’t let yourself get locked down into a single project. Get to as many meetings as possible and get to know people.

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