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People based, people focused

Join Housing SA and you will be a part of a dynamic team working collaboratively to achieve the vision of connecting people to place.

Our people come from a broad range of backgrounds that reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. Together, Housing SA employees work towards ensuring people have safe and affordable places to live and opportunities to connect to the broader community.

Find out more about our work in service delivery

Our regional offices are the hub of our service delivery. Find out more about the teams located at each regional office and the way we work together to achieve great outcomes for people.

Access Team: Assist people to access housing and support

The Access Team provides the first point of contact for all people needing information, services, support, advocacy and referral regarding housing and homelessness services available in the regional area. High quality front counter service delivery is a central role of this team.  
The Access Team is made up of an Access and Intake Operations Manager, Access Team Leader, Private Rental Liaison Officer, Customer Service Officers and Access Workers.

Intake Team: Support new tenants in Housing SA's properties on short-term or probationary leases

The Intake Team provides integrated tenancy and support services to assist new tenants transition and stablise into short-term or probationary leases, and have the best opportunity to connect to home, place and community and succeed in their new tenancy. Intake services are needs-based and guided by an assessment of risk and vulnerability.
The Intake Team is made up of an Access and Intake Operations Manager, Allocations Officer, Housing Officers and a Tenancy Practitioner.

Place Management Team: Support tenants in longer-term leases (5 years or more)

The Place Management Team provide integrated housing management and support services to people in long term Housing SA tenancies, in order to assist them to sustain their tenancy or exit to a more appropriate long term housing option. Place-making is a central component of this team’s work and involves supporting the development of connections between people, their homes and their communities in ways that foster meaningful engagements and relationships.  
The Place Management Team is made up of a Place Management Operations Manager, Place Management Team Leader, Housing Officers and a Tenancy Practitioner.

Regional Response Team: Provide intensive casework support for people in crisis or at risk

The Regional Response Team provide assessment of needs for those who are at risk and vulnerable, and offer case management support to people to be safe, maintain housing stability and have improved quality of life. The needs-based specialist intervention provided by the Regional Response Team is designed to reduce the impact of risk factors on a person’s life.  
The Regional Response Team is made up of a Manager, Social Workers, Community Response Coordinators and other specialist programs.

Maintenance Team: Co-ordinate the maintenance of Housing SA properties

The Maintenance Team is made up of a Maintenance Field Manager, Maintenance Inspector, Vacant Property Officer and Administration Officer.

Business Services Team: Provide operational and administrative support for the regional office

The Business Services Team is responsible for managing regional resources and delivering regional administration services.  
The Business Services Team is made up of a Business Services Coordinator, Regional Support Officer, a Regional Support Clerk, and Customer Service Officers.

Our corporate services working behind the scene

Our corporate services work behind the scene to quietly improve the lives of many of the most vulnerable people in our community. Our project and policy officers, business analysts, ICT and system support to name a few, apply their skills and values every day to produce great outcomes for people accessing housing services.  
The work is diverse and challenging; from supporting and delivering technology-based business solutions for Housing SA, to leading the service responses to homelessness.  
Housing SA is the lead agency responsible for the Emergency Relief Functional Service (ERFS) under the state emergency management arrangements. During and after an emergency or disaster (such as bushfire, flood or earthquake) many Housing SA staff are actively involved in delivering recovery services for affected communities.

To view current vacancies in our corporate stream, please visit DHS Careers, Vacancies.

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