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Digital DCSI

Modern, Open, Transparent and Consultative, Innovative.

Transforming how we work so we can provide better services to communities.

Adelaide South Australia

The South Australian Government, through the Premier’s Digital by Default Declaration, has committed the government to proactively transform its services using digital technology. Each Agency is required to develop a Digital Strategy to demonstrate how it will meet this commitment.

Meeting Community Expectations

1. The public is demanding information and service delivery that suits them – through digital approaches that are open, responsive, convenient, easy to use and high quality.

2. The community is demanding citizen driven approaches to service delivery and policy making, involving a high level of engagement, co-design and co-production.

Improving our performance

1. All public sector organisations are being asked to do more with less. Embracing modern digital work practices will increase our productivity and improve our performance.

2. Our technology is no longer seen as an enabler. It is largely outdated, costly to maintain and no longer fit for purpose.

3. Change and public sector reform is an ongoing element of the modern public sector work environment. We need to be a sustainable, agile and resilient organisation that can rapidly respond to change in policy and service needs.

Digital DCSI Program

Improvement & Innovation — Re-imagining services, processes and ways of working.

Enabling Technology — Technical platforms, programs and systems that enable us to deliver improvement and innovation projects in a timely and cost-effective way.

Capability and Readiness — Increasing our digital maturity and capability through supporting new skills, knowledge and competency development.

People Culture and Change management — Organisation-wide communication and engagement as well as business unit change impact analysis and support.

Guiding principles

Digital By Default — We will adopt a digital by default approach for information and service delivery. We understand the importance of service redesign when transitioning information and service delivery to a digital environment and will embrace the transitional processes required. Picture : "I can see someone at the Courts and update their conditions of release plan without returning to the office. Everyone can see the change immediately." Youth Justice Case Manager.

User Centered Design — We will be user-centered in our thinking and our design approach to ensure customers, partners and the community, have the best experience with government. We seek to co-design and co-create with the community, our customers, partners and staff. Picture: "With the new Government Digital Pass, the app already has my details so submitting both my concessions application AND my screening application online was super easy. I was notified with an immediate response." Nurse in training.

Community Engagement & Participation — We will embrace contemporary, digital approaches for community engagement and participation in public policy making and public sector service design and delivery. Picture: "I love that I can participate in social issues and help influence policy making just by using my phone. I feel like my opinions matter." Retired.

Open Data — We will champion the open data agenda by actively identifying and releasing government data. Picture: "Access to DCSI data is helping us to target areas of the community that need us most. We get better outcomes with this data."  CEO NGO.

Use of Data — We will use data-driven processes to inform our policy development, decision making and priorities. Picture: "I can see how well my business is tracking, with real time data on finance, HR, Risk and customer feedback all in one place on my tablet." Executive Director.

Improving lives — Improving the life of every South Australian. Above all else, we will only undertake digital initiatives that make a real difference in people's lives. Picture: "I can make an appointment online with the therapist for my son with Child and Youth Services. It's great to do this once he has gone to bed. I just don't get the time during business hours." Mother.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device — We will embrace the opportunities that mobile technologies and cloud computing offers to improve the quality of our service and our productivity. We aim to be responsive and accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device. Picture: "I watched my Housing Officer submit my forms online while she was visiting my home." Housing SA Tenant.

Accessible & Inclusive — We will embed accessibility standards in all that we do. We will provide choice through actively taking steps to cater for those who do, as well as those who don't, have access or capability to use digital information services. We will seek to reduce the digital divide and avoid any forms of digital exclusion. Picture: "It's a relief that Domiciliary Care phone services are still there. I know everything is online these days, but it's too hard for me." Domiciliary Care Client.

Investment approach — We will make investment decisions that demonstrate public value, with a focus on sustainable, maintainable, reusable and simple approaches. We will pilot and test options before significant investment is committed. We will leverage already existing investments both within our department and across government. Picture: "Now that the Public Service is using the same systems, it only took me a few days to get up to speed when I transferred to DCSI from another department." New Employee.

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