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Our Commitment to Action

Despite the many achievements to date, there is however, so much more that is needed to be done if we are to be a department of first choice for Aboriginal people.

The Aboriginal Workforce Strategy has identified four key objectives that DHS will meet by the end of 2023.  The specific actions that underpin these objectives are detailed in the DHS Aboriginal Workforce Strategy 2021–2023 Action Plan.

Focus Area 1: Recruitment and employment pathways

We will create more employment opportunities and entry pathways for Aboriginal people and continue to increase Aboriginal representation across all divisions and salary levels. Our goal is to create a workplace reflective of the community we serve by having a dedicated, skilled Aboriginal workforce of at least 4%, with a year on year improvement.

Focus Area 2: Career development and retention in a culturally supportive environment

DHS encourages and supports a workplace environment that allows Aboriginal people to feel safe, secure and valued. Achievements in recruitment and employment pathways will only be effective if we can sustain our new workforce through our career development and retention strategies.

Aboriginal employees will be encouraged to become members of the DHS Nunga Network to assist in building strong relationships with other Aboriginal employees in DHS, participate in professional and personal development, and be involved in discussions for improving the culture and retention of Aboriginal staff.

Focus Area 3: Senior leadership and succession pipeline

Aboriginal employees are over-represented in the lower salary bands and under-represented in the higher salary bands and senior leadership roles.  Building leadership potential is a key to future success for Aboriginal people.

DHS will provide ongoing leadership development opportunities for Aboriginal staff to support them to exercise their leadership potential in the department and their wider communities. We will also provide development opportunities and mentoring support and advice for Aboriginal staff seeking promotion.

Focus Area 4: Increased cultural knowledge and competency of non-Aboriginal staff

Building the cultural knowledge and competency of our non-Aboriginal staff is critical if we are to promote a positive working environment for our Aboriginal workforce. We will develop a Cultural Learning Framework setting out our clear expectations for staff to participate in activities to build their cultural knowledge and competence.

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