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Responsibilities and Governance

Whilst there are “lead” areas for each initiative detailed in the DHS Aboriginal Workforce Strategy 2021–2023 Action Plan, achieving these initiatives must involve everyone. All employees, at all levels and across all classifications, are charged with doing their bit to improve Aboriginal employment outcomes and by doing so, ultimately improve the services we offer to our Aboriginal clients.

To ensure the success of this strategy, an Executive sponsor and champions for the Aboriginal Workforce Reference Group will be identified. Sponsors and champions will promote and support these employment efforts and initiatives, provide strategic direction and have oversight on DHS’ overall performance.

Regular input and advice from the DHS Aboriginal Leadership Group and the Diversity and Inclusion Reference Group will be sought and a half yearly report on progress made available. The DHS Aboriginal Workforce Strategy will be communicated to all staff via the DHS website and Intranet.

This Strategy has been developed in consultation with a range of key stakeholders across the department and the broader public sector. In particular, the input and expertise of the DHS Aboriginal Leadership Group and the Reconciliation Group is greatly appreciated.

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