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Financial performance

Financial performance at a glance

The following is a brief summary of the overall financial position of the agency. The information is unaudited. Full audited financial statements for 2019–20 are attached to this report.

Statement of Comprehensive Income2019–20
Total Income 1,039,634 1,142,743 103,109 1,751,331
Total Expenses 1,062,115 1,086,080 23,965 1,790,583
Net result(22,481)56,66379,144(39,252)
Total Comprehensive Result(22,481)59,20781,688(39,252)

* Variation between 2019–20 Budget and 2019–20 Actual

The 2019–20 Actual total comprehensive result is a surplus of $59.207 million, which is $81.688 million favourable when compared with the 2019–20 Budget. This is primarily due to additional appropriation provided to the department during 2019–20 to manage timing differences between accrual recognition and cash flows.

Statement of Financial Position2019–20
Current assets 238,080 217,146 (20,934) 188,156
Non-current assets 154,386 169,165 14,779 170,873
Total assets392,466386,311(6,155)359,029
Current liabilities 165,929 82,663 (83,266) 111,100
Non-current liabilities 80,982 61,293 (19,689) 62,598
Total liabilities246,911143,956(102,955)173,698
Net assets145,555242,35596,800185,331

* Variation between 2019–20 Budget and 2019–20 Actual

The increase in net assets between the 2019–20 Budget and 2019–20 Actual result is mainly due to the decrease in current (short term) liabilities associated with accrued expenditure and decreases in non-current (longer term) liabilities relating to employee leave provisions.

Consultants disclosure

The following is a summary of external consultants that have been engaged by the agency, the nature of work undertaken, and the actual payments made for the work undertaken during the financial year.

Consultancies with a contract value below $10,000 each

ConsultanciesPurposeActual payment
Julia Farr Association (Purple Orange) Assist in developing the first State Disability Inclusion Plan, as required by the Disability Inclusion Act 2018. This is a continuation from the 2018–19 engagement. $7,150

Consultancies with a contract value above $10,000 each

Total all consultancies equals $543,085

ConsultanciesPurposeActual payment

Adelaide OHS Consultants

Delivery of an analysis and consider opportunities for health and safety improvements and initiatives.


Astrid Birgden

Consideration of the operational impacts of a consolidated model across the two Youth Justice campuses.


Dana Shen Consultancy

Develop the Child and Family Support System (A Co-design Approach) for children and family support system within the community. This is a continuation from the 2018–19 engagement.


Deloitte Financial Advisory Pty Ltd

Financial advisory services to review models for Accommodation Services.


Perception Services

To provide independent advice on policies and practices at the Kurlana Tapa Youth Justice Centre.



Review Screening Unit processes and systems to identify opportunities for simplification and automation.



To undertake a desktop review of the processes and accompanying documents required to administer the Cost of Living Concession (COLC) Boost payments for eligible recipients.


SNAICC - National Voice for our Children (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corp)

Undertake the Culturally Responsive and Trauma Informed Service Delivery Pilot Project to develop training programs for staff. This is a continuation from the 2018–19 engagement.


Think Human Pty Ltd

To facilitate community engagement regarding the future of the Home for Incurables Trust.


Exempt from Disclosure

Exempt from disclosure under Premier and Cabinet Circular 27.


Data for previous years is available at Data SA under Government reporting and policy.

See also the Consolidated Financial Report of the Department of Treasury and Finance for total value of consultancy contracts across the South Australian Public Sector.

Contractors disclosure

The following is a summary of external contractors that have been engaged by the agency, the nature of work undertaken, and the actual payments made for work undertaken during the financial year.

Contractors with a contract value below $10,000

ContractorsPurposeActual payment
All contractors below $10,000 each - combined Various $178,665

Contractors with a contract value above $10,000

The following table shows contractors greater than $10,000 (GST exclusive) reported under Note 4.1 Supplies and services - Contractors and agency staff of the DHS 2019–20 Controlled Financial Statements and under Supplies and services of the DHS 2019–20 Administered Financial Statements. This excludes transactions between government agencies and agency staff.

Total all contractors equals $2,146,274



Actual payment

Accru Harris Orchard

Facilitate procurement lean training and review


Aktis Performance Management

Facilitate HR consultation for the review and development of role descriptions for DHS Accommodation Services


Alister Morton, Physiotherapist

Provision of physiotherapy and training services


Australian Integrated Security P/L

Provision of security services and security devices


Bookabee Services Australia

Aboriginal Culture Awareness Training


Centre for Evidence and Implementation Ltd

Facilitation of Common Elements Workshop and information session held for Chief Executives of non-government organisations


Charles Darwin University

External evaluation on the Community Services Support Program


Child and Family Welfare Association

Facilitation of Family Matters Program to support Aboriginal families and communities


Community Consulting Australia

Engagement of services related to outsourced HR contract


Community Data Solutions

Community Business Intelligence Projects


Connley Walker

Facilitate the review of CCTV security systems


Creative Systems Pty Ltd

Supply and install office equipment


Crown Furniture

Furniture transport services


Deloitte Financial

Preliminary review of DHS Financial Model


Democracy Co Unit Trust Pty Ltd

Facilitate and liaise with Youth Panel members for the development of SA’s Youth Strategy


eBMS Pty Ltd

Configuration of eBMS platform to support procurement and contract management project


Flick Anticimex Pty Ltd

Provision of cleaning services


G88 Consulting

Facilitate advice on Accommodation Services quality compliance support


Glam Adelaide

Provision of social media campaign for SA Bushfire Appeal


Healthcare Australia P/L

Provision of occupational therapy services


Jtwo Solutions Pty Ltd

Assessment of cloudstep application


Julia Farr Association Inc

Facilitation of State Disability Inclusion Project plan


KB Facilitators

Assessment and report on staff injury and resident wound management project


Kerri Muller NRM

Supporting regional customers in the Financial Difficulty Project


KPMG Chartered Accountants

Professional Services for reviewing DHS Youth Justice site consolidation


Magill Demolition

Demolition of DHS Accommodation Services property


NEC Australia Pty Ltd

Hire of System Centre Configuration Manager Engineer


Objective Corporation Limited

Upgrade records management system to Objective 10.5


OZ Train P/L

Facilitation of Accommodation Services staff reference group meetings


Parenting Research Centre

Evaluation of Intensive Family Support programs



Facilitation of DHS pandemic plan communication and toolkit


Procurement Partners Pty Ltd

Facilitation of probity services to Community Support Services


Reach Your Potential Trust

Provision of review and advice on Lived Experience Project


Restorative Journeys

Facilitation of training on restorative practices


Sally Rhodes

Counselling services to clients


Sugarman Group International

Provision of occupational therapy services


T & T Electrical Services P/L

Supply and install new network outlet


The Flinders University of SA

Medical Device Technology Report


The Flinders University of SA

Evaluation of DHS Yunga Nungas project


Think Human Pty Ltd

Support to project worker engaged in Lived Experience project


Total Space Designs Pty Ltd

Provision of concept design for Youth Justice sites consolidation


University of SA

Provision of evaluation and report on Triple P and Child Wellbeing programs


Wellness & Lifestyles Australia

Provision of occupational therapy, podiatry and physiotherapy services


Data for previous years is available at Data SA under Government reporting and policy.

The details of South Australian Government-awarded contracts for goods, services, and works are displayed on the SA Tenders and Contracts website. View the agency list of contracts.

The website also provides details of across-government contracts.

Other information

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