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Disability SA Bulletin 97 - Community Visitor Scheme review of individual plans in disability accommodation

May 2016 - The Community Visitor Scheme (CVS) will review individual plans (IPs) for people living in disability accommodation during May and June 2016.

National and state legislation identifies the importance of disability service providers delivering services around the needs, strengths, goals and aspirations of individual people with disability. IPs (also known as person-centred plans) provide the mechanism for this to happen.

The 2014-15 CVS Disability Annual Report identified the need for considerable improvement in the creation and implementation of IPs in disability accommodation services.

In response, the CVS Advisory Committee prioritised the ongoing monitoring of IPs during 2016 and endorsed a two-month focus on IPs for people living in disability accommodation.

In preparation for the review, all disability accommodation providers should develop new IPs for those that don't have them and review existing plans for those that do, to ensure they reflect the current aspirations of each person.

Houses will not be advised in advance if they are to be visited, so all staff should be informed of this initiative and the value of this focus. Copies of IPs should be made available for the community visitors (CVs) to review. CVs will try to seek resident permission to review and discuss their plan.

CVs have the same powers as a health inspector to view these documents, with the South Australian Mental Health Act 2009 and the Disability Services (CVS) Regulations 2013 providing the legislative framework for the CVS.

Results will be provided to the CVS Advisory Committee and the Minister once the review is completed.

For further information regarding the principles underpinning service provision, see the Disability Services Act 1993 Schedule 1 Principles (page 4-5).

Please contact the CVS office on 1800 606 302 if you have any questions.

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