Department of Human Services

Client Rights and Responsibilities

Department of Human Services

Your Rights

We Will

Your Responsibilities

Access to services.

Give you access to services that meet your needs where possible.

Tell us of your needs and when your needs change.

Safe from abuse.

Provide services in a safe environment.

Act in a way that helps both you and others to be safe.

Quality services.

Provide you with high quality services.

Tell us when you cannot keep appointments.

Treated with respect.

Treat you with courtesy, dignity and respect.

Treat us and other clients with courtesy, dignity and respect.


Provide information that meets your needs in a way that you understand.

Give information, which will help us meet your needs.

Actively participate.

Include you in decisions about services planned for you.

Get information from others to help you with your choices.

Privacy and confidentiality.

Respect your privacy and keep your personal information safe.

Consider allowing us to share your information to protect yourself and others.

Feedback or complain.

Respond to your feedback in a fair and timely way.

Be fair when making complaints and help us to resolve issues.

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