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Our 2022 Innovate RAP

We partnered with Reconciliation SA to review our reconciliation journey to date and undertook an engagement process with our staff and stakeholders across South Australia to determine how best to move forward.

We conducted a number of virtual and face-to-face workshops and surveys with key stakeholders internal and external to our department and interviewed our senior leaders, procurement partnerships and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to gain a better understanding of work we do and how it actively contributes to the reconciliation agenda.

Innovate RAP Development

  • Two internal staff surveys (all DHS staff and Aboriginal staff).
  • External stakeholder survey.
  • Interviews with DHS champions.
  • Interviews with DHS key leaders.
  • Interviews with DHS Aboriginal staff.
  • RAP Working Group workshops.
  • Internal staff workshops.
  • Consulted on draft plan.

Common themes

Some common themes emerged during this consultation process:

  • There is a high level of genuine support, understanding and commitment for reconciliation amongst out staff and stakeholders.
  • Staff and stakeholders understand the reason for, and champion the development of the DHS Innovate RAP.
  • Staff and stakeholders generally feel that we have come a long way in our reconciliation journey over the course of our previous Innovate RAP.
  • Although staff generally feel that we have been successful in reconciliation, external stakeholders were less sure.
  • The need for people, both internal and external to our department to have more opportunities for direct involvement in reconciliation.
  • Efforts to eliminate racism and discrimination towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and stakeholders need to be increased.
  • We need to provide more career progression opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff within our department.
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