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Our Innovate RAP Champions

For us, reconciliation represents the opportunity for each of us to make personal and professional commitment to righting the wrongs of the past, and addressing current injustices facing Aboriginal people in Australia. This plan sets out a pathway for us engage in truth telling and doing those things that will effect real change.

It’s a path we’re on. We don’t get to choose to walk this path or not. Our path starts with a vital recognition that Australia’s colonial history did many wrongs against Aboriginal people and that these wrongs still echo and impact Aboriginal people today. Many positive steps have been taken on this path, but we have much work to do. This isn’t a simple task, where we will tick a few boxes or say, ‘this isn’t my job’. We all have a role to play to build lasting structures, and to fundamentally question systemically unjust policies and processes. This path centralises and celebrates the sovereignty and strength of Aboriginal people, and a shared goal of measurable equality, equity and unity.

Katherine Hawkins (ELT Sponsor), Alisa Willis (Chair) and Liana France (Co-Chair)

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