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Our Learnings

Our reconciliation journey has taught us some valuable lessons.

Reconciliation requires collective action.

Our work extends across South Australia and this has given us great opportunity to connect with many different people, communities and organisations. We have found that it is only by working together and having a shared vision that we can truly make a difference.

We must be accountable for our commitment to reconciliation.

Our successes and challenges are important parts of our reconciliation journey and our meaningful engagement in this process. As transparent and accountable leaders in reconciliation we must share the entirety of our reconciliation journey with our staff and the community.

Our staff want to be part of our reconciliation journey.

We are motivated to engage meaningfully in the reconciliation process and, we must create more opportunities for all staff to feel included and acknowledge their own learning and growth in this space.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voice and participation in our services makes us better at what we do.

Our journey so far has shown us that the inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices in our work creates better support and services to the South Australian community and our staff.

Page last updated : 27 Feb 2023

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