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Our Reconciliation Committee

Central to our commitment to reconciliation was the establishment of the Reconciliation Committee, comprising of employees from each of our divisions. Our Reconciliation Committee, of whom three members identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people, are the champions of this Innovate RAP and are responsible for monitoring the progress of our actions, along with the Executive Leadership Team (ELT).

Reconciliation Committee members have been encouraged to be curious around the role they play in our journey toward reconciliation. As champions for reconciliation the Committee has been tasked with taking an individual journey to increase their cultural learnings and intelligence under the cultural authority and guidance from our three Aboriginal committee members, and to share this information widely with their colleagues and the community.

Reconciliation Committee members

  • Katherine Hawkins (ELT Sponsor)
  • Alisa Willis (Chair)
  • Liana France (Co-Chair)
  • Dale Agius (Inclusion and Reform)
  • Fiona Buzzacott (Inclusion and Reform)
  • Marek Slabenak (Community and Family Services)
  • Alana Buick (Inclusion and Reform)
  • Thomas Murphy (Inclusion and Reform)
  • Diana Massey (Community and Family Services)
  • Poh Li Chew (Community and Family Services)
  • Susan Hall (People and Performance)
  • Tara Liddy (Community Investment and Support)
  • April Smith (Inclusion and Reform)
  • Reece Turtur (Inclusion and Reform)
  • Kate Melvin (Community and Family Services)
  • Brooklyn Ley  (Inclusion and Reform)
  • Stuart Smith (Disability Services)
  • Sarah Smith (Inclusion and Reform)
  • Angela Blair (Inclusion and Reform).
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