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Message from the Chief Executive

It might sound obvious, but delivering human services is at the core of DHS, and we must never lose sight of the people whom we serve and assist, especially when we are planning and designing policy, programs and services.

I am proud to deliver the Strategic Plan 2022–2024 that places people – our clients, customers, communities, partners, volunteers and staff – at the centre of our Purpose and priorities.

Our Purpose is making a difference so South Australia thrives. This will be at the heart of everything we do.

We are setting three ambitious priorities:

  • Increasing inclusion, independence and shared decision-making for all.
  • Supporting our communities when it matters most.
  • Delivering modern services for our communities.

These are not standalone pillars, nor does one hold more importance than another. Just like the complex and diverse communities that we serve, our priorities are interconnected, and they are stronger because of that connection.

We are steadfast in our focus to develop and implement modern, innovative and relevant services across our entire community so all South Australians can be connected and included.

Our Plan empowers every single one of us at DHS to be leaders in the human services sector. It requires us to consistently look forward and not only adopt, but embrace, innovative technologies, strategies, and programs that drive lasting outcomes.

In return the Plan prioritises investing in our staff and volunteers to ensure they are equipped with the right skills and experience to deliver for our communities. We will continue to foster a safe, healthy, and respectful workplace where all staff feel empowered to seize opportunities and deliver change.

We are committed to increasing inclusion, independence and shared decision-making for all. We will be the policy leaders across Government and in the human services sector, while delivering and funding modern services and programs that bring positive social impact, reach people early, and are culturally responsive. But we cannot do this alone.

Our partners are vital to ensuring that we deliver on our Purpose. We are committed to building great relationships with our system partners and a constructive, collaborative culture. We will listen and learn from people with lived experience and sector knowledge so that we keep people safe and supported when it matters most. We will celebrate and support those working directly within our communities who deliver services to those who need them most.

We renew our commitment to actively supporting positive outcomes for Aboriginal people, families and communities and are intent on embracing the diversity of our vibrant community. Our programs and services will consciously reflect the needs of our diverse South Australian communities, in particular our culturally and linguistically diverse communities, people living with disability, and the LGBTIQA+ community.

We will proudly amplify the unique voices and lived experiences of the people and communities that we support and serve.

I am excited about the possibilities ahead as we all come together to bring this Plan to life.

Ngaityalya (Kaurna, thank you).

Lois Boswell (she/her)
Chief Executive

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