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Short urls

Short URLs - how to make them

Before you begin

First step

Note the asset number of the page or item to which you will be directing your short URL.

Second Step

Check that your short URL does not exist already.

Short URLs automatically appear on the list: (below)

If there is even something similar to what you need, going to the right asset, you can probably edit this rather than start from scratch.

If nothing suits, decide on your new short URL. How many slashes do you want in the address?

For example:


Third step

Having decided, you need to create your short URL in the right part of the asset tree.

For example:

if you are choosing then you need to create your short URL under DHS/Agencies.

If you are choosing then you need to create your short URL directly under DHS.

Creating the short URL

A short URL is a type of redirect page. When you have selected the point in the asset tree where you want to create your short URL:

  • right-click / new child / pages / redirect page
  • For page name, type “xx redirect” where xx is a descriptive name for your asset.
  • Commit. Note the asset number.

Scroll down the page of the new asset you have created.

  • Permanent redirect = yes
  • Location = the asset number to which you will direct your short URL. Commit.

Now you put in your short URL:

  • Right-click on the asset / web paths / enter your desired short URL
    (only type the extension. For example, to achieve, type bulletins)
  • Commit.

To prevent the short URL showing up on the menu in weird places:

  • Right-click on the asset and choose Linking
  • In the area that says ‘Display Type’, change the Link Type to Type_2
    Do not change the area called ‘Create Link’. That can stay as Type_1.
  • Commit.


  • Right-click on the asset / details / approve and make live. Commit.

Exit edit mode. Test your short URL.

Page last updated : 05 Sep 2018

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