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Emotional wellbeing

Maintaining good relationships with the people in our lives is very important. If we have difficulty relating due to mental health issues or emotional problems, our relationships can be affected.

Our psychologists can work with you to:

  • Support positive behaviours and improve your sense of safety and ability to manage your emotions.
  • Help you manage changes or difficulties in your daily life that feel too much to manage, or are making you feel sad, anxious, angry or lonely.
  • Help you work out why unhelpful behaviours occur, ways to cope and strategies to reduce these behaviours and improve your daily life.

Our occupational therapists can provide help with your sensory interests and needs. This may support you to have more positive interactions with others, to engage in activities that are meaningful to you and to help regulate your emotions.

ASSIST Therapy Services Psychology
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ASSIST Therapy Services Occupational Therapy
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