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ASSIST Therapy Services nutrition and dietetics

A middle-aged woman helps a young adult male to eat  his meal.ASSIST Therapy Services dietitians can help if you:

  • have trouble eating and drinking enough to maintain your weight and health
  • have weight gain that affects your mobility, your use of equipment, your general health and your daily life
  • experience bowel problems such as constipation or diarrhoea
  • need a special diet plan for coeliac disease, food allergies or food intolerance
  • receive your nutrition and hydration through a tube (enteral nutrition).

Good nutrition is essential to wellbeing. Problems with eating and drinking, or with shopping for and preparing food can affect your nutrition, your enjoyment of food and your quality of life

We work with you, your family and your supports to develop your resources, skills and knowledge to help solve nutrition and dietary problems, and meet your dietary and lifestyle goals.

Enteral nutrition

We assess, prescribe and monitor enteral nutrition for people with a PEG feeding tube. Our support includes working with families and carers. We will help you with issues that can occur with enteral nutrition such as reflux, unintended weight change, aspiration and bowel problems.

We will help you minimise the effect that having an enteral feeding tube has on your daily life.

Cover of the Licence to Cook resource manual on dysphagia and mealtime managementMealtime management training for support staff

ASSIST Therapy Services dietitians and speech pathologists train support staff to provide safe and healthy mealtime; training includes:

  • understanding the healthy eating guidelines
  • meal planning, shopping and label reading
  • simple strategies to use when a person is underweight, overweight or constipated.

Licence to Cook

Licence to Cook is a mealtime management resource for professionals and carers who support adults with disability.

Mealtimes can be a safe and more pleasant experience for everyone by using this resource. Licence to Cook contains recipes, a DVD on food safety and a CD containing PowerPoint™ presentations and other resources.

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ASSIST Therapy Services - nutrition and dietetics print (PDF 91.6 KB)

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