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ASSIST Therapy Services physiotherapy

 Physiotherapists in ASSIST Therapy Services work with people living with disability to achieve their movement goals. Our physiotherapists will provide input and advice on:

  • mobility
  • transfers and manual task training
  • strength, balance and flexibility
  • positioning, posture and pressure care
  • respiratory care.
  • Mobility

    Our physiotherapists work with you to improve your mobility, both at home and in the community. We aim to improve your abilities, as well as your confidence, through a range of methods including:

    • assessing and goal setting
    • strengthening and balance-focused exercise plans
    • mobility training and support
    • assistive mobility aids, including walking sticks, walking frames and wheelchairs
    • orthotic devices, including ankle foot orthoses, shoe inserts and medical grade footwear
    • educating about and implementing assistive strategies for falls prevention.

    Transfers and manual training

    We work with you to ensure your transfers throughout the day are performed safely and confidently.

    Your physiotherapist will discuss your requirements with you and provide support by:

    • assessing transfers and manual tasks
    • educating, training , and making recommendations for you and those involved in your care
    • providing assistive devices and equipment as appropriate
    • developing exercise and strengthening plans.

    Strength, balance and flexibility

    Our physiotherapists can help you to improve your strength, balance and flexibility, to maximise your independence and abilities. Your physiotherapy assessment will involve:

    • discussing your lifestyle and therapy goals
    • designing personal exercise plans
    • regularly reviewing goals and therapy programs.

    Positioning, posture and pressure care

    Our physiotherapists help you to achieve optimal comfort, essential for good quality of life. We provide input, education, advice and equipment to support positioning and posture throughout the day, as well as incorporating strategies to minimise pressure risk in your daily routine.

    Respiratory care

    ASSIST Therapy Services physiotherapists work with you to manage your respiratory conditions through:

    • assessing your needs
    • providing personalised breathing exercise and chest clearance techniques
    • positioning to maximise air entry.

    Respiratory care requires a letter and referral by a medical officer.

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    ASSIST Therapy Services - physiotherapy print (PDF 197.7 KB)

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