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Disability access and inclusion plans - overview, toolkit and template

State government agencies in South Australia must create and implement disability access and inclusion plans (DAIPs).

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2014–2018, Department for Human Services (formerly DCSI)

Local government councils are also encouraged to develop DAIPs.

Resources and a toolkit are available to help you create these plans.

The purpose of disability access and inclusion plans

Disability access and inclusion plans, often called DAIPs, identify and address barriers to inclusion.

These plans aim to identify and action improvements that will achieve accessible and inclusive communities, agencies and practices for people with disability.

Disability access and inclusion plan resources

Using these resources to create a DAIP is optional; however, a common approach makes it easier:

  • for people to examine plans
  • for agencies to meet reporting requirements.

DAIP tool kit and guidelines

The guidelines show how DAIPs can be personalised by agencies and used with the reporting template.

The DAIP documents have been constructed using styles, so they can be accessible online and as PDFs. We recommend that you do not abandon the styles. Please alter the styles within the documents if you need to change the look to accommodate your agency's branding.

If you choose to use the toolkit:

  • change the headers and footers to identify the department or council
  • personalise the sections particular to your agency, identified by "……………."
  • enter information directly under the heading
  • read the red type sections that are examples of information that could be included
  • delete the red type when the information has been added
  • read the black type sections that are standard
  • either retain or edit the standard sections
  • consider including the United Nations Convention principles, and the legislative and policy context section as appendices to your plan.

DAIP toolkit and guidelines (DOC 315.0 KB) - including definitions, DAIP outcomes, and greatly expanded planning steps and checklist (see below).

DAIP planning steps and checklist

  1. Decide who will be responsible for overseeing the planning process
  2. Know your agency - list the information, services and facilities provided
  3. Gather background information and ensure that existing information is current
  4. Develop a disability access and inclusion policy
  5. Undertake community engagement, including consultation

DAIP reporting template

The Disability Access and Inclusion Plan reporting template (DOC 451.5 KB):

  • lists the six key policy outcome areas of the South Australian DAIP strategy
  • explains the type of access issues that might be covered under the six outcomes
  • includes a table for actions, responsibilities, timeframes and measurable targets
  • encourages the use of examples and images to illustrate outcomes.

DAIP strategy

The DAIP strategy aligns with the intent of various pieces of legislation and policy initiatives. The list provided is not exhaustive and there may be others that are also relevant.

Authority supporting the DAIP introduction

These plans are introduced in accordance with the Department of the Premier and Cabinet Circular PC013. DAIPS are a response to a recommendation of the report Strong Voices: A Blueprint to Enhance Life and Claim the Rights of People with Disability in South Australia (2012–2020).

The DAIP strategy replaces 'Promoting Independence: Disability Action Plans for South Australia'.

Agencies should continue to meet legislative requirements under the following Acts:

DAIP key outcome areas align with those of the 'National Disability Strategy 2010–2020', developed in partnership with the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments and the assistance of the Australian Local Government Association.

Legislative and policy context


United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (and Optional Protocol) - scroll down to see the convention in different languages and file formats.


Carer Recognition Act 2010

Disability Discrimination Act 1992

National Carer Strategy

National Disability Agreement

National Disability Insurance Scheme

National Disability Strategy 2010–2020

South Australian

Advancing the Community Together Partnership

Carers Recognition Act 2005

Disability Services Act 1993

Disability Services (Rights, Protection and Inclusion) Amendment Act 2013

Equal Opportunity Act 1984

South Australia's Strategic Plan 2011 (PDF 46.8 KB) (specifically targets 11, 25, 50) and Seven Strategic Priorities (PDF 40.4 KB)

Strong Voices: A Blueprint to Enhance Life and Claim the Rights of People with Disability in South Australia   (PDF 2.5 MB)(2012 –2020)

The 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide (launched in 2010)

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