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Disability Access and Inclusion Plan outcomes

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan policy directions reflect those of the NDS but specifically relate to the South Australian context and priorities. This approach provides a common framework that aligns with the direction of current national and state government disability reforms in moving from a focus on service provision to a rights-based approach supporting individual choice, control and independence.

Outcome 1: inclusive and accessible communities

People with disability live in accessible and well-designed communities with opportunity for full inclusion in social, economic, sporting and cultural life.

Outcome 2: economic security and employment

People with disability, their families and carers have economic security, enabling them to plan for the future and exercise choice and control over their lives.

Outcome 3: rights protection, justice and legislation

People with disability have their rights promoted, upheld and protected.

Outcome 4: personal and community support

People with disability, their families and carers have access to a range of supports to assist them to live independently and actively engage in their communities.

Outcome 5: learning and skills

People with disability achieve their full potential through their participation in an inclusive high-quality education system that is responsive to their needs. People with disability have opportunities to continue learning throughout their lives.

Outcome 6: health and wellbeing

People with disability attain the highest possible health and wellbeing outcomes throughout their lives.


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