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Moving On Program

The Moving On Program is for young people with moderate to severe intellectual disability who are moving from school to adult life and require intensive ongoing disability support. Funding provided through this program enables young people to purchase meaningful daytime activities that promote community inclusion and develop social skills, interests and pre-vocational skills where possible.

Providing the programs and activities

Programs/activities are provided by a wide range of organisations in both metropolitan and country locations. These organisations are required to meet certain standards in order to be registered as approved providers of government-funded disability services and support. Programs/activities are generally held from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.

The Disability and Lifestyles Expo and regional forums are held each year, enabling carers/families and clients to talk to the organisations about the services they provide. Your service coordinator can provide information about these free events.

Staff training and qualifications

Information about specific staff training and qualifications can be obtained from the individual organisations.

Knowing which is the most suitable program/activity for my son/daughter

When choosing a program or activity, it may be helpful to consider the following:

  • What are my son/daughter's skills and interests?
  • Will a group program/activity be suitable, or will my son/daughter need individual support?
  • Will the service provider be able to meet my son/daughter's support needs?
  • Are the staff trained in specific health procedures that my son/daughter needs?
  • What training, supervision and support do the staff receive?
  • Where is the program/activity held and what transport arrangements will be necessary?
  • Will I have the opportunity to be involved in planning the program/activity?

Information about specific staff training and qualifications can be obtained from the individual organisations.

Cost of programs/activities

The cost varies between service providers and will depend on the program/activity and your son/daughter's support needs. Information can be obtained from the individual providers.

Number of days my son/daughter can attend each week

The number of days will depend on the amount of funding that has been allocated and the fees charged by the individual service provider. While the personal budget may be sufficient to purchase five days per week with some providers, it may not be sufficient with others.

Variety of activities

Many people combine activities into a package that best meets their needs.

A smiling young Aboriginal teen.No suitable programs/activities in my local area

If there are suitable programs/activities in your local area, you can choose an alternative through another service provider. If the preferred program/activity is full, your son/daughter's name can be placed on a waiting list.

Employment and attending day programs and activities

Your son/daughter can undertake part-time employment as a day activity or as a transition to full-time employment over a two-year period and still receive Moving On Program funding. However, if they are still employed after this period, they will no longer be eligible for this funding.

Buying a program or activity and managing the personal budget

Disability SA will purchase the services and manage the personal budget on your behalf. Once you have reviewed the range of programs and activities available, your service coordinator will make arrangements to purchase the chosen services. These arrangements will include preparing a service contract for signing by all parties.

Disability SA will then be responsible for keeping records such as invoices and copies of service contracts, monitoring expenditure and accounting to the Department of Human Services for the expenditure.

If you are already managing your son/daughter's disability support funding, the Moving On Program funding will become part of those arrangements.

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