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New technology offers domestic violence support


Women's Safety Service Domestic Violence Hotline. Available 24/7. Phone 1800800098

An app that will increase safety in domestic violence situations has been introduced by the SA Government, allowing those who feel unsafe in their relationships to discretely activate emergency support from the palm of their hand.

As part of the government’s $11.9 million commitment for a suite of measures to support women and children at risk of domestic violence, the app increases safety by providing around the clock monitoring and direct access to support services.

Access to the app is only provided by trained counsellors on the SA Domestic Violence Crisis Line, if deemed necessary as part of wider risk and safety planning for the individual.

The app, which has received $150,000 in government funding for its 24/7 monitoring, could quite literally be a lifesaver for SA women facing violent situations at home.

For this reason, details surrounding how the app works or its name cannot be provided, to protect the privacy of those using it and to ensure perpetrators are not aware of it

Monday 26 November also marks the first day of the SA Domestic Violence Crisis Line being staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by specialised domestic violence counsellors, following the government’s $1.66 million funding commitment.

Women in a critical situation are urged to contact the Crisis Line on 1800 800 098, who will determine what immediate help can be provided, including if access to the app will be a useful addition to the individual’s safety plan.

The SA Domestic Violence Crisis Line is a free, confidential service that provides immediate advice to people feeling unsafe in their relationships or experiencing violence.

If you or anyone you know is in immediate danger, or needs emergency assistance, call 000.

Page last updated : 27 Nov 2018

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