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Homeless Persons Week 2014 – we can’t afford to ignore it


Monday 4 August, 2014
Social Housing Minister Zoe Bettison is encouraging South Australians to mark Homeless Persons Week 2014, which begins today, by participating in an event or fundraising activity.

This year's theme is "Homelessness: we can't afford to ignore it".

"The South Australian Government is committed to reducing homelessness and we have done a significant amount of work to make this happen," Ms Bettison said.

"In July, the State Government committed $8.87 million to the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH), an agreement between the State and Commonwealth Governments to provide funding for homelessness services in South Australia until June 2015.

"Unfortunately, Commonwealth funding for the NPAH remains uncertain beyond this date.

"To address this funding uncertainty, the State Government is working closely with service providers to design a sustainable, integrated housing and homelessness sector for the future.

"This new model for delivering services will have to address a challenging economic environment and increasing demand for services."

Ms Bettison said there are currently 40 government and non-government organisations providing homelessness services in South Australia, with 75 programs delivered from 97 outlets. These services assisted more than 23,000 people annually.

"I would like to recognise the dedication and exceptional support these services provide to our state's most vulnerable citizens," she said.

"People seeking homelessness services often include women and children escaping family violence, young people and those experiencing family and relationship breakdowns.

"South Australians can be very proud of the homelessness services provided in this state.

"The sector is committed to assisting vulnerable people into safe, secure and affordable accommodation as well as helping them to reconnect with their communities and re-establish their lives.

"I would encourage people to get involved in their communities, supporting people experiencing homelessness by donating their time and volunteering with one of the many homelessness service providers in the state.

"I would also encourage South Australians to support Homeless Persons Week by participating in an event or fundraising activity during the week. You can find out more about events and activities during the week at

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