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Housing SA moves more services online to make it easier for customers


Tuesday, 23 September, 2014  

Housing SA moves more services online to make it easier for customers

More Housing SA services are now available online to help people find what they need more quickly and at a time convenient to them.

Social Housing Minister Zoe Bettison said the online services are also useful for support agencies working directly with clients, helping them to identify eligibility for a range of Housing SA services.

"Housing SA provides a range of services for some of the most vulnerable South Australians including people at risk of homelessness," Ms Bettison said.

"People may need help with a guarantee for a bond, accessing private rental, advice about housing options, inquiries about their accounts or housing applications."

Ms Bettison said two new online tools are now available at 

the SA Housing Services Finder 

an eligibility guide for help with bond and rent.

"The Housing Services Finder, available at, helps people identify what housing services are available to them, based on their individual family circumstances and provides links to more information," she said.

"People can also use the help with bond and rent tool at to check their eligibility for financial help with a bond guarantee and rent for a rental property.

"Housing SA is gradually introducing more online and mobile services to provide access to information and services quickly, and at any time.

"Online services will reduce the number of times people need to phone or visit a Housing SA office for routine queries such as eligibility for services.

"There are plans to make more Housing SA services available online over the next 12 months."

Existing online services include updating your household and income details, reporting disruptive public housing tenants and reporting non-urgent repairs on Housing SA properties.

Links to these services are:

For more information on Housing SA and to access the latest online services, visit

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