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19th delegation of young Vietnamese political leaders in Adelaide today


Multicultural Affairs Minister Zoe Bettison today welcomed the 19th delegation of young political leaders from Vietnam to Adelaide at a meeting at Parliament House.

Ms Bettison said the delegation is visiting our city as part of the Australian Political Exchange Council program.

"The exchange program provides opportunities for young people to gain an up-close experience of different political systems across the globe," she said.

"The Council coordinates political exchanges that offer young Australians the opportunity to study the political systems of other nations, while reciprocating with young people from participating exchange countries."

While in Australia, the delegation of seven young Vietnamese will spend a week visiting Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra to learn about the Australian political system.

Ms Bettison, herself a two-time delegate, said the program gives young people the opportunity to not only learn about different systems of government, but also other cultures and customs.

"Having travelled to Vietnam and Korea as part of the exchange, I can testify first hand what a rewarding and educative experience it is.

"Building international awareness and understanding of other cultures can only help to increase acceptance of cultural diversity."

While each APEC delegation has a unique experience, the aim of each exchange remains the same, providing delegates to Australia with:

  • an overview of the Australian federal, state and local government political systems
  • networking opportunities when meeting with high profile Australian political and business leaders, as well as former delegates
  • insight into Australian culture through community and cultural activities.

"I was really pleased to meet these impressive and highly-motivated young people today," Ms Bettison said.

"They conveyed a strong interest in sustainability, the environment, education, employment and youth participation - all issues close to my heart."

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