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Adelaide Hills Bushfire donations


Public generosity and care following a disaster play a significant role in individual and community recovery. They reflect community sentiment and help those affected to feel supported, more positive and confident about the rebuilding tasks ahead.

Unfortunately, sometimes much of the public's goodwill results in unsolicited donations of unneeded and second-hand goods.

Money is the most useful donation because it provides flexibility and choice to meet immediate needs. An influx of donated goods reduces the need for people to buy from their local businesses, whereas donations of money will mostly be circulated within the local community and assist the whole community towards an earlier recovery.

People who wish to help persons impacted by the bushfires are asked to donate cash rather than donations of goods and clothing.

Donations to the State Emergency Relief Fund can be made by cash, cheque or credit card, and can be made online at, over the phone or at any branch of the Commonwealth Bank. Details of how to donate are available online.

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