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Body image message shared 195,200 times; promotion continues online


South Australia's positive body image message will continue to be promoted online following the Body Image Campaign that had more than 195,200 shares on social media.

Status of Women Minister Gail Gago said that while the six-week campaign has ended, she hoped the positive messaging would go viral.

"The campaign was designed to send a strong message to girls and young women that their value comes from their character, skills and attributes and not their weight or shape," Ms Gago said.

"While the actual campaign is over, we want the message to continue loud and clear: you are loved, you are beautiful, you are valuable."

She encouraged South Australians to post selfies or images of important items with the hashtags #BodyImageSA and #innerselfie.

The campaign involved girls and young women creating online content to influence their peers about positive body image.

The Office for Women, in partnership with the YWCA of Adelaide, held creative workshops where girls and young women were mentored in their online creations.

The final content included short videos, music, poetry and imagery. Many women also posted online "inner selfies" – photos of objects that positively reflected themselves.

Some of the creative online content is showcased on Office for Women social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

"The women of Roxby Downs embraced the "inner selfie" concept by coming together in groups to create their own photos, which became part of an exhibition at the Roxbylink gallery.

"These group activities also provided women with an opportunity to learn more about each other and build a stronger community spirit.

"It is very important that the positive body image conversation continues in the community, and the government, through the Office for Women, is exploring ways to keep this important discussion going through partnerships with young women's groups," Ms Gago said.

Parents, in particular, have an important role in supporting the development of positive body esteem, but queries to the Women's Information Service have revealed that parents lack the confidence to discuss this with their children.

In order to learn more about the information needs of parents/guardians who have concerns about their child/children's body image, the Women's Information Service will be running a survey starting from August 12.

This survey will also provide an opportunity to learn more about the forms of information delivery that would be most useful to parents to increase their confidence to have conversations with their children around body image issues.

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