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Domestic Violence Database – protecting women from serial offenders


A Domestic Violence Serial Offender Database has been established so government agencies can provide better protection to women from serial offenders.

Minister for the Status of Women Gail Gago said government agencies and non-government organisations will use the database to share information that could help prevent further violence.

"The aim of the database is to ensure we are sharing information and making sure women and children are protected," Ms Gago said.

"Police are responding to thousands of reports and calls for help from families every year. Too often, there has been a long history of abuse.

"Up until now, it was not easy to identify if an offender was a serial offender.

"This information is critical because the risk for women of further violence significantly increases if they have been a previous victim.

"We have 18 domestic and family violence services in South Australia. Using the database, they will share information to identify perpetrators.

"Once an alleged offender is considered to be a repeat or serial offender this information is provided to relevant agencies where appropriate action can be taken."

The Government has provided $40,000 for its development as well as $10,000 each year for data entry, searching, training, technical assistance and reporting requirements.

The site is managed by the Domestic Violence and Aboriginal Family Violence Gateway.

The database was also a recommendation of the Deputy State Coroner Anthony Schapel in 2012, following the inquest into the deaths of Robyn Hayward and Edwin Durance.

The Deputy State Coroner recommended that "domestic violence services and agencies throughout South Australia be encouraged to maintain records in relation to serial or repeat domestic violence perpetrators".

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