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Donations for SA Pinery Fire Appeal


The SA Pinery Fire Appeal has been set-up for cash donations to help those affected by the Pinery fire.

People can make donations to the SA Pinery Fire Appeal online, via cheque, or in person at any Commonwealth Bank branch.

  • Electronic funds transfer to the State Emergency Relief Fund, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, BSB 065 266, Account 10020160, Description 'donation' (this needs to be stated)
  • Credit card – visit the State Emergency Relief Fund BPoint payment website or dial 1300 276 468 (1300 BPOINT) and enter biller code 1002359
  • Cash – go into any branch of the Commonwealth Bank and donate over the counter giving the details: BSB 065 266, Account 10020160
  • Cheque – send to State Emergency Relief Fund, Donations, QA Finance L2 Riverside, GPO Box 292, Adelaide SA 5001

If you need a tax receipt, please email and ask for a receipt. Include your name, details of your bank and branch, and the amount donated.

All of the proceeds raised will go to people affected by the SA Pinery Fire, with priority given to those most in need.

The appeal is being administered by the State Emergency Relief Fund (SERF) Committee, which is independent to government. The funds will be distributed under the direction of this committee.

Cash is the preferred donation
Cash is the most helpful donation for disaster-affected communities as it enables people to buy exactly what they need. They can also spend this money within their local community, which helps the local economy to recover more quickly.

During emergencies, some people like to donate goods. Donated goods can pose challenges for charities and recovery workers to administer, store, distribute and dispose of and may not meet the needs of people affected by the disaster. This is why cash is always the preferred donation.

People who only have donated goods and wish to help affected communities should consider selling goods through garage sales or markets and donating the funds raised.

Although cash is the preferred donation, St Vincent de Paul has been appointed to manage any goods donated during this disaster. Contact the St Vincent de Paul donations hotline on (08) 8112 8777.

Further information
Latest SA Pinery Fire recovery information is available by calling the Recovery Hotline on 1800 302 787, or by visiting the official recovery website at

Recovery information is also available via Facebook.

Recovery information will be issued from the Department's Twitter account.

Anyone wishing to volunteer to help communities impacted by the fire should register with SA-NT Volunteering by visiting

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