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Reducing costs for struggling families


The first of 1000 solar hot water systems being installed in Housing SA properties will be rolled out this week.

Social Housing Minister Zoe Bettison said the program will not only reduce power bills, but will also deliver environmental benefits with a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

"The State Government is committed to easing cost of living pressures on South Australian households while taking steps toward a clean and green environment," Ms Bettison said.

"That is why we are investing $5.5 million to replace 1000 LGP gas and electric hot water systems in larger family homes with energy-efficient solar hot water systems."

Ms Bettison said studies show that hot water accounts for about 40% of total energy use in housing.

"A solar hot water system sources most of its energy from the sun and reduces the use of nonrenewable energy sources like gas or electricity, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions," she said.

"By replacing electric with solar hot water systems in public housing, we can cut total household electricity use by about 30% and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about two tonnes per year."

Ms Bettison said the program is about extending the benefits of lower utility costs to South Australians living in public housing.

"We are targeting properties with larger families throughout South Australia," she said.

"These solar hot water heaters provide efficient, cost effective hot water all year round. This ensures tenants have hot water whenever they need it.

"This is a big win for both public housing tenants and our environment."

Suitable public housing properties across the state were identified including a number in the Aboriginal communities of Raukkan and Point Pearce.

Housing SA sought registrations of interest from tenants who then had their property assessed by a maintenance provider. Tenants who use LPG bottled gas hot water services are priority, followed by those in properties with electric hot water systems installed before 2010.

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