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Justice for all: removing language barriers to SA’s justice system


In a South Australian first, legal information guides published in 10 different languages are being released today, providing greater access to the justice system for people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

A Legal Services Commission initiative, the guides provide straightforward and practical legal information on common issues such as buying a car, renting a home, getting married, caring for children and dealing with divorce or separation.

Multicultural Affairs Minister Zoe Bettison says the guides were compiled with significant input from South Australian migrant communities.

"Moving to a new country is a huge challenge – and so too is learning the various laws of a new country," Ms Bettison said.

"The Legal Services Commission has stripped away legal jargon to provide a very clear introduction to key aspects of the law.

"I'm really pleased the Commission has worked closely with migrant communities to deliver specific information which is commonly needed by migrants."

The guides also cover areas such as workers' rights, consumer protection, dealing with police and government departments, and caring for children.

They were produced using funding from The Law Foundation of SA.

"These guides exemplify the Foundation's motto of 'promoting legal knowledge with lasting impact'," Ms Bettison.

"I commend the Commission for reaching out to new and emerging communities and providing them with practical and useful information so they are able to navigate the justice system with confidence."

The Law For You guides are available through the Legal Services Commission, which has offices around Adelaide and throughout regional South Australia.

For more information call the Commission on1300 366 424.

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