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New support for community groups and volunteers


A new free and easy-to-use online development program designed to upskill small community groups and volunteer organisations was recently launched by the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI).

STARservice was developed by the State Government in collaboration with community groups and volunteer organisations, to help strengthen their business models and capacity.

Often community organisations need support to grow and to achieve their aims but may not be clear about assistance or training required by their staff - this is where STARservice can help.

STARservice is designed to upskill the staff and volunteers running small organisations. It provides staff with useful information and practical experience in business practices considered critical to the success of an organisation, such as the development of policies and procedures.

The program comprises 18 multiple-choice questions which, when verified, qualify the organisation for STARservice status.

While working through the 18 questions the user is connected to an extensive range of accessible templates, resources, links to information and suggested training courses, all of which help the user to address the program's assessment criteria while developing their skills.

The program focuses on continuous improvement and positive action to address the areas within the organisation that need strengthening.

Through completion of the program, organisations can benefit from:
* improved financial management, Work, Health and Safety and risk management practices
* improved policies and procedures
* greater attraction and retention of qualified and motivated employees/volunteers
* a safer, more positive and welcoming environment.

Organisations that achieve STARservice recognition are considered by DCSI and other State Government departments to be strong candidates for a range of their small grants programs.

Completion of STARservice will also see organisations well on their way towards achieving the Australian Service Excellence Standards accreditation.

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