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New youth strategy to prioritise the issues that matter to young people


A new youth strategy - It Starts with YOUth – will prioritise key issues affecting young people, including access to affordable accommodation, and seek new ways to engage young South Australians.

Youth Minister Zoe Bettison will launch the strategy this morning at the Youth Affairs Council of South Australia's NetFest event at the Adelaide Pavilion, Veale Gardens.

Ms Bettison said the new strategy, which replaces youthconnect, is about investing in the future development of young South Australians in an effort to improve their lives.

"Engaging with young people and working closely with disadvantaged youth are important priorities for the State Government," Ms Bettison said.

"Our youth strategy addresses particular areas of concern to young people and a priority issue will be identified each year. A working group will then be established to focus on understanding and responding to that issue.

"Young people often tell me that they find it difficult to access affordable accommodation, particularly in regional South Australia.

"Therefore, for 2015, the priority issue is homelessness, a key issue for the Government and a critical issue for young people in this state.

"To support this focus, the transition for young people from education to further education, training and employment is also being considered."

She said the Government is determined to better engage with young people and ensure their views are heard, listened to and acted on.

"I have asked the Office for Youth, in partnership with the youth sector, to develop new and creative ways to engage with young South Australians and to develop a new model of youth engagement," she said.

"We will use the new youth engagement model to identify future topics of focus and to help us achieve real results on the issues that matter most to our young people.

"The launch of the new youth strategy demonstrates our commitment to partnering with those working directly with young people."

YACSA Netfest is a professional development and networking event for youth sector workers.

"I am excited about the opportunities that our new strategy presents to address complex issues that young people face.

The 2015 youth strategy is available on the Office for Youth website at

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