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Pinery fire - changes to relief centres


The Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) has announced changes to its emergency relief centres, and commenced an outreach service (home visits) to help people in their own homes, to better meet the needs of communities affected by the Pinery fire.

The changes are:
* The Clare Emergency Relief Centre will close from 6pm today (Sunday 29 November).
* The Balaklava Emergency Relief Centre is relocating. It will close at the Balaklava Racecourse at 7pm tonight, and open in the following new location at 7am tomorrow: Balaklava Sports Club, Ralli Park Showgrounds, Werocota Road, Balaklava. It will operate in this new location from 7am to 7pm daily.
* The Gawler Emergency Relief Centre will remain open 24-hours per day until further notice.
* From Monday morning, DCSI staff will partner with Red Cross personnel to offer an outreach service (home visits) to meet those affected by the fires in their own home/accommodation.

The outreach service will offer assistance directly to affected persons, who may be distressed, rather than requiring them to present at an emergency relief centre. The outreach service will include the provision of grants and other assistance, as required.

The Red Cross has also commenced a telephone outreach service.

These changes will ensure that resources are directed to those most in need.

Anyone requiring further information about services available should phone the South Australian Recovery Hotline on 1800 302 787 or visit

You can also keep up to date with fire recovery information at the SA Bushfire Recovery Facebook page or via Twitter at

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