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Plan to stamp out elder abuse


A new State Government plan to reduce elder abuse will provide older South Australians with a greater sense of safety and wellbeing.

Minister for Ageing, Zoe Bettison, says research suggests elder abuse is more common than we realise and that the State Government is responding by implementing new measures to help to raise awareness of the issue.

"Older South Australians should not be at risk of any form of abuse by people they know and trust, particularly during vulnerable periods," Ms Bettison said.

"The most common types of abuse are psychological and financial, and 80 per cent of it is carried out by a family member.

"South Australians are living longer than at any time previously and they deserve to enjoy these later years free of undue influence and abuse."

Ms Bettison will today launch the Strategy to Safeguard the Rights of Older South Australians - Action Plan 2015-2021 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

The plan will help to raise public awareness of elder abuse and includes:

  • piloting a telephone helpline and establishing a new information website
  • training for carers, nurses and other public sector workers
  • support for further research
  • special projects for Indigenous and migrant communities.

Other resources will be provided for carers managing the financial affairs of older people.

"We will work with councils to create more age-friendly communities which provide older people with active ageing opportunities including for recreation and volunteering," she said.

"The strategy really aims to provide autonomy, freedom from harm, dignity and enjoyment of life for our ageing population."

The action plan was developed through partnership between state government, the nongovernment sector, peak bodies associated with ageing, experts from universities, representatives from South Australian Aboriginal and migrant communities, the Australian Government, and local government.

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