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Screening applications now online


Applying for a screening clearance has become quicker and easier with a new online application system launched today.

Communities and Social Inclusion Minister Zoe Bettison said the online application ensures that forms can no longer be submitted incomplete or incorrectly filled out, a significant factor in causing delays.

"Until now people applying for a screening check through the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion have had to fill out a paper form and send it in to the department," Ms Bettison said.

"The DCSI Screening Unit currently returns about 12 per cent of applications because they are incomplete or have errors. This slows down the process for the applicant and creates extra work for all concerned.

"With the new online system, applicants will not be able to lodge their form until all information is filled out. For example, common errors like putting in that day's date, rather than a date of birth, will be impossible when applying online."

Another benefit of the new system is that organisations will be able to check the progress of an application online. To be able to access online applications, organisations will need to register with the Screening Unit at

Once an organisation has registered, their employees and volunteers can apply online. The registration and application process is secure, confidential and password-protected.

"The DCSI Screening Unit received about 143,000 applications during 2014-15 from workers and volunteers who need a screening clearance to work with vulnerable people, including children, older people and people with disability," Ms Bettison said.

"This is a huge increase from 5000 in 2006-07.

"In response to this massive increase the number of staff in the Screening Unit has been tripled, and now 80 per cent of applications are processed within 30 business days."

The online system will not change the assessment process and will not affect fees, which can be paid online by credit card.

People will still be able to use the old paper application if they choose.

The new online system is available at

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