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Victoria Square Purple Picnic to end Autism Month


A Purple Picnic in the Park was held in Victoria Square today to mark the end Autism Awareness Month.

Disabilities Minister Tony Piccolo said more than 40 picnics were held during April to help raise awareness and support for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

"Those who hosted a Purple Picnic have helped raise $4000 so far, with donations still being received," Mr Piccolo said.

"All money raised is used by Autism SA to provide support services to the South Australian community.

"There is no doubt the picnics' greatest contribution has been to help educate the general public about this disability.

"More than one in 100 Australians lives with ASD which makes it one of the most common disabilities in the country.

"Autism SA has been providing support to those affected directly or indirectly by ASD since 1964."

Whilst the cause of ASD remains unknown, it is a condition that affects the development of an individual across their entire life span, with no two people being affected in the same way.

People with ASD may have limited social communication skills, restricted interests and behaviours and different sensory processing capabilities.

Autism SA Chief Executive Officer Barrie Elvish said despite these developmental differences, with the right support and greater community awareness people living with ASD can lead productive and fulfilling lives.

"In fact, history shows us that many significant scientific discoveries and social advancements have been led by individuals with ASD," he said.

Vili's Bakery also supported the cause by baking purple doughnuts throughout April that were available for purchase via Autism SA. More than 400 purple doughnuts were sold to the public.

Mr Piccolo said he extended his appreciation on behalf of the community to everyone who hosted a picnic, bought doughnuts or donated money during Autism Month.

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