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$4 million for jobs in northern Adelaide to support the NDIS rollout


Job seekers and employers in northern Adelaide will benefit from a State Government skills and jobs initiative to support the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rollout.

The Disability Workforce Hub is a service in northern Adelaide that will connect job seekers with local employers, training providers and employment agencies to help fill local job opportunities in the disability sector.

The State Government has allocated $4 million over two years to support the initiative, with $2.1 million in 2016-17.

Jobs in the disability sector that will be supported through the Disability Workforce Hub include: direct support and allied health (including supported independent living), management and administration, human resources and Workplace and Health Safety, transport and fitness.

The hub will support the state’s transition to the NDIS, a fundamental reform to how disability care is delivered. Northern Adelaide will be the first region in South Australia where the NDIS will be available to adults from July 2017.

For more information about the Disability Workforce Hub, which is co-located at not-for-profit organisation, Northern Futures, in Elizabeth, call 1800 619 933.


To meet the demand for NDIS services, the local workforce in northern Adelaide is forecast to double by 2018-19, increasing to up to 3500 full time equivalent (FTE) workers.

The Disability Workforce Hub is a partnership between Northern Futures; the State Government; National Disability Services SA (NDS) the peak organisation for disability service providers; the University of South Australia; and Flinders University.

Employment Minister Kyam Maher said:

Job opportunities, through the NDIS, will be critical for northern Adelaide, particularly for local job seekers as industry changes.

The Disability Workforce Hub is an important part of the $24.65 million dollar Northern Economic Plan to support job creation in northern Adelaide.

The hub will support job seekers and people who want to work in the disability sector to develop their skills. About 6000 new jobs will be created in South Australia once the NDIS is fully implemented.

Higher Education and Skills Minister Susan Close said:

The State Government will support growth in the disability sector workforce, as it transitions to the NDIS, through targeted skills, training and employment programs that connect job seekers and employers in northern Adelaide.

The hub will help to meet emerging and anticipated workforce growth and ensure our workforce has the skills to support people with disability, their families, carers and service providers.

Disabilities Minister Leesa Vlahos said:

From 1 July 2018, the NDIS will be open to all eligible South Australians aged up to 65 years who have a significant or profound disability. It will fundamentally transform the way disability care is delivered and a skilled, flexible workforce is required to help people make decisions about their care.

The NDIS will give people living with disability more choice and control over their services. The hub will support people to forge a highly rewarding career either as employees of a new or existing service provider, or as self-employed contractors.

Chair of National Disability Services (SA), Glenn Rappensberg said:

The NDIS is creating exciting opportunities for people with a disability, their families and carers, and the community as a whole, through the expanding number of jobs emerging across South Australia.

As we approach full rollout of the NDIS, we are forecasting a significant increase in demand for services. We expect to increase our staffing to meet this growing demand for high quality, diverse, personalised services that NDIS participants are requesting. Initiatives like the northern Adelaide Disability Workforce Hub will be of major benefit.

At the RSB, we are preparing to recruit more allied health and disability support worker staff in the New Year, so that we can enable more people who are blind or vision impaired to maintain independence and reach their potential.

Bedford Group Chief Executive Sally Powell said:

The NDIS is not just disability reform; it presents a significant economic opportunity to create jobs and increased revenue for South Australia. The scheme will contribute $1.5 billion to the Gross State Product.

The challenge now for the state is how to capitalise on this opportunity and build the workforce needed to deliver quality services to this expanded consumer base.

As an employer we welcome the launch of the northern Disability Workforce Hub. This innovative idea will assist greatly in producing a world-class workforce and ultimately change the lives of people with disability and their families. We thank the State Government for their vision and investment in this job creation initiative.

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