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Mental health support for Pinery affected communities


The State Government will spend $860,000 on the long term mental health needs of individuals, families and communities affected by the Pinery fire.

The funding will support community mental health outreach programs, community development programs and individual case management.

Part of the money will go toward supporting the Red Cross to continue its invaluable work with fire affected communities.


It has been six months since the Pinery fire burnt more than 85,000 hectares in the Lower to Mid North of South Australia.

The fire destroyed 97 homes and caused extensive damage to vehicles, equipment and crops. Tragically, two people were killed and 31 others were injured.

Emergency relief centres were established immediately after the fire, assisting more than 2600 people.

On 7 December 2015, a Recovery Centre in Gawler was established and to date more than 1100 people have received information, support or advice to help them recover from the fire.

More than $670,000 in emergency grants have been provided and more than $900,000 has been distributed to people affected by the fire from donations to the SA Pinery Fire Appeal.

As at 23 May 2016, approximately $2.17 million in donations has been received to the SA Pinery Fire Appeal. The Appeal is open until 30 June 2016.

People can stay up to date with the latest recovery information, including the recovery newsletter, on the recovery website and Facebook page:

Minister for Communities and Social Inclusion, Zoe Bettison said:

Medium-to-longer term recovery activities are essential to provide the necessary support to affected individuals, businesses and communities for the long and difficult journey to community recovery.

The recovery effort is ongoing and many services and supports are available for people affected by the fire. These include financial, mental health and wellbeing counselling, property clean-up and assistance with revegetation.

The Government is committed to working closely with those affected by the fire to support their strong and resilient approach to community recovery.

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