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New campaigns and services to help stamp out elder abuse


Minister for Ageing, Zoe Bettison, will this morning join aged service providers to call for an end to elder abuse as part of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

Ms Bettison and AnglicareSA's Peter Sandeman will attend a barbeque breakfast outside the Adelaide Entertainment Centre to discuss ways of addressing this complex social issue.

The State Government is today also running an information forum for older women about financial abuse at the Women's Information Service 101 Grenfell St, Adelaide, from 11am to 1pm.

The Aged Rights Advocacy Service, the Elder Abuse Report Line, the SA Elder Abuse Program, the Seniors Information Service and the Council on the Ageing will be among the services providing advice and support.

The Government is also launching the next phase of the Elder Abuse Can Be Stopped campaign which is aimed at educating workers and professionals to identify and help people experiencing elder abuse.

Ms Bettison said the new campaign will focus on workers in the health, legal and financial sectors who may be the first to identify a form of elder abuse.

Workers and professionals will be provided with a range of tools to assist an older person who may be experiencing elder abuse, including a discreet wallet card resource to help these workers initiate conversations and pass on important information.


The Elder Abuse Can Be Stopped public awareness campaign was first launched in October 2015 and is aimed at highlighting the different types of elder abuse and the signs to look for, as well as directing people to more information and support.

For more information about the campaign or to access the new wallet card, along with other resources, visit or call the South Australian Elder Abuse Prevention Phone Line on 1800 372 310.

Minister for Ageing, Zoe Bettison said:

We know that one in 20 older people may be experiencing elder abuse and this means that professionally or personally, many of us may identify this type of abuse at some point in our working careers.

Elder abuse is very complex and often involves the people, relatives or friends known and trusted by the older person and this can raise significant concerns for people in the workforce who may be in a position to help.

The latest phase of this campaign will provide valuable pathways and resources for professionals to access the right information and services to help recognise, respond and stop elder abuse.

This campaign is an important way of ensuring that elder abuse does not go unnoticed, nor remain silent, be it in our communities or in our places of work.

AnglicareSA CEO Peter Sandeman said:

The focus of today is raising awareness of elder abuse in the community and reminding people that there's no excuse for abuse.

Elder abuse can occur in many forms including financial, psychological, physical or sexual abuse and neglect and there's absolutely no excuse for it.

Today and every day we encourage all South Australians to be aware of elder abuse and to actively support and honour older people.

The responsibility to end elder abuse rests with all of us and relies on all sectors of society actively eradicating all forms of abuse.

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