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New Code Red to better support rough sleepers in extreme heat


New Code Red to better support rough sleepers in extreme heat

The State Government has activated its new Code Red summer response to provide safe refuge and other support for people sleeping rough in the Adelaide CBD during very hot weather.

Extreme heat poses risks for people sleeping rough due to their risk of exposure and the impact the heat may have on any existing health conditions.

The new Code Red response will include extended opening hours for homelessness services to ensure safe refuge from the heat is available.

Street to Home will also extend its service to ensure rough sleepers are aware of the services available during the hot weather.

As well as refuge from the heat, food, water, hats and sunscreen will also be available.

Housing SA also refers vulnerable tenants to the Red Cross Telecross REDi service, a free phone service to check on their welfare during periods of hot weather.

The service providers participating in the Code Red response are Uniting Communities, Hutt St Centre, St John’s Youth Service, Service to Youth Council, Baptist Care, St Vincent de Paul Society, Anglicare SA, Catherine House, Adelaide City Council and SA Health (Street to Home).

Call the South Australian Homelessness Gateway 1800 003 308 to be connected to supports and services for people sleeping rough.


The State Government activated a Code Blue winter response for rough sleepers in the CBD earlier this year to provide assistance during extreme cold, heavy rain, windy and stormy conditions. This is now being rolled out across the state with regional service providers.

The new Code Red summer provides added support and accommodation for rough sleepers in the CBD during extremely hot weather conditions, like those forecast for the week ahead.

The Code Red response is the result of the State Government working in partnership with non-government organisations to ensure appropriate services and shelter are available for people sleeping rough during extreme weather.

If successful, the Code Red response will be extended statewide in early 2017.

Minister for Communities and Social Inclusion, Zoe Bettison said: Extremely hot weather like that forecast for the Christmas weekend can be dangerous for rough sleepers.

The State Government recently committed an extra $100,000 to support enhanced services for rough sleepers in the city during extreme weather.

I urge anyone who is sleeping rough take advantage of these services, to keep out of the heat and stay cool.

Please contact the homelessness gateway on 1800 003 308 to arrange for shelter from the heat, and emergency accommodation where needed.

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