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Time for SA to choose grant recipients


It's time for South Australians to help choose which community groups will share in $1 million in grant funding through the 2016 round of Fund My Community.

Fund My Community is a grant program that enables community groups to contribute to the wellbeing of isolated, vulnerable or disadvantaged members of the community, with South Australians deciding which projects get funded.

Groups have applied for funding of between $10,000 and $100,000 for projects to support their local communities and South Australians are now being invited to take part in deciding which of the 63 projects get funded.

People who want to help decide how the funding is spent can do so by logging onto, reviewing the projects and allocating the $1 million to the ones that they think will have the biggest impact.

People who have just have a few minutes to spare and want to get involved, but don't want to have a say in which projects get the funds, can leave messages of support for individual projects or organisations.


Fund My Community is a program that uses participatory budgeting, with $1 million made available for community organisations to tackle disadvantage, and the community can get involved in deciding how the funds are allocated.

Previous rounds included funding a mobile barista business through the Salisbury East Neighbourhood Centre which gives young people practical training they can use to find work.

Plans for the 2016 round must be completed and submitted by Monday 16 May 2016. Find out more at

Acting Communities and Social Inclusion Minister Leesa Vlahos said:

There are so many great projects applying for funding and all South Australians are invited to take part in deciding which ones will get funded.

Fund My Community is not only a great way for members of the community to have a say in how the grant funds are allocated, but it is also a great way for people to learn more about the organisations applying for funding and to connect with them through the YourSAy website.

People who are really inspired by an organisation or their project can subscribe to their newsletter, like them on Facebook, contact them to discuss volunteering opportunities or even make a donation via links on their project page.

The Fund My Community pilot program in 2015 funded 13 projects to help disadvantaged South Australians and I look forward to discovering which programs will receive the funding this year.

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