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Consultation on new model of care for older persons mental health services


If you are involved in the care of an older person with mental health issues, or you work in the sector, you are encouraged to review and comment on a draft model of care.

It provides flexible pathways for older people with complex care needs so they can move more easily between different levels of care as their needs change.

The framework would apply across public health and non-government residential aged care sectors and was developed to meet the needs of some major groups:

  • People with extreme or severe behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia, including people under 65 with early-onset dementia.
  • Older people with severe and enduring mental illnesses, such as psychotic disorders or severe affective disorders.

The framework was developed for the State Government by an expert working group as part of the SA Health Oakden Response Plan Oversight Committee.

The document is available on the SA Health website.

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