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Disability sector becoming NDIS ready through pilot transformation project


The State Government is committing $50,000 to get SA businesses ready for the NDIS.Website:

The $100,000 Impact Accelerator pilot program is helping eight community organisations in the disability sector to develop new business models, products and services.

The pilot is assisting businesses transform their operations in order to take advantage of opportunities presented by the National Disability Insurance Scheme, including 6000 jobs it is expected to bring to the state.

The 100-day program resulted in the creation of 20 new products and services, and 27 new business models, through mentoring, supportive resources and hands-on workshops.

The Impact Accelerator program was funded by the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion, Department of State Development and Business Models Inc.

Business Models Inc is an international strategy and design company that helps organisations, entrepreneurs and start-ups innovate their business model and design a strategy for the future through co-creation, visualisation and design thinking techniques.

The eight organisations who participated in the program were:

  • AnglicareSA
  • Alzheimer’s Australia
  • Carers SA
  • Life Without Barriers
  • Minda
  • The Royal Society for the Blind, and
  • Uniting Communities.

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