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Forty years and going strong


Dianne and Phil and colleagues say farewell together

In 1977, Apple Computers became an incorporated business, naturally-occurring smallpox was officially eradicated, Australia’s first 7-eleven store opened in Melbourne, and Dianne and Phil started their careers with the South Australian Housing Trust (SAHT).

It was a time before computers, when staff could smoke at their desks, pay packets were given in cash, and tea ladies roamed offices twice-daily, with the tinkling sounds of the china cups of tea and coffee signalling their arrival.

Dianne (who claims she was a mere three-years-old when she joined SAHT) started in the Property division, and Phil as a storeman at the Torrensville Depot.

Both worked with a number of different teams, from a number of offices, and enjoyed many different work experiences.

Dianne’s highlight was working with the Asset Systems Project Team from 1998, building all mainframe property systems into Huron from IDMSP (they were specialist data management systems – we looked them up). From there, she spent time with Maintenance Strategic Programs and Planning, before moving to her current role in the Quality and Compliance area in 2009.

Phil has provided vital administration support to Land Development, Horticultural Supplies, and a number of maintenance teams. In his time, he’s been a part of the construction of transportable homes all around the state, construction of storm water drains and new roads, and has looked after sleep-out placement across South Australia. In 2003, he moved to his current role in the Maintenance Contracts team.

Dianne and Phil, thank you for 40 years of dedication and your ongoing contribution to Housing SA.

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