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New energy discount offer for low-income South Australians


New energy discount offer for low-income South Australians

More than 180,000 low-income South Australian households will get the opportunity to sign up for a new energy discount offer to help reduce their energy costs.

The State Government is seeking expressions of interest from energy retailers to provide energy offers to low-income households that aim to reduce the cost of electricity compared to standing contract prices.

Energy retailers are being asked to offer benefits to eligible customers, including better prices, bill smoothing and/or flexible payment options. The retailers must also demonstrate how they will help concession holders transition to the new offer.

Negotiating a better deal with energy retailers will benefit public and community housing tenants, older South Australians, and people with disability or medical conditions that reduce their ability to earn income.

Concession holders can choose to stay with their existing energy plans, if they prefer.

The preferred retailer, or panel of retailers, will be chosen through an open and competitive process.

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